Modern Anxiety (LP)

Josef Salvat
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RELEASE DATE: 15/05/2020

Modern Anxiety is as pressing a collective term as it is private. In one man’s search for connectivity, empathy and meaning, everyman may yet turn to look at itself in the mirror anew.

With Modern Anxiety, Josef Salvat has fashioned a thing of wonder, bursting with vitality, despair, fresh perspectives and raw honesty. If he had thrown himself at life in the years between the conception of records one and two, he would throw himself into deconstructing it in the song’s many flavours, too. The record works as a travelogue through the tempestuous love-life which traced his twenties, affairs with men and women, short and long, torrid and true, looking for physical and cerebral love, often in all the wrong places. Josef’s romantic CV makes the travails of an Italian opera look like a particularly genteel episode of The Archers.

Side 1 

1. modern anxiety

2. call on me 

3. in the afternoon

4. alone

5. playground love 

Side 2

1. melt

2. no vacancies

3. paper moons 

4. human

5. enough