Sierra Kilo Alpha

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GENRE: Reggae
RELEASE DATE: 26/11/2020

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Only three years from Melbourne Ska Orchestra`s critically acclaimed debut album – sees the release of their second album, `Sierra-Kilo-Alpha` - picking up where they left off, taking the age old style of Ska and adding to it with aplomb.


`Sierra-Kilo-Alpha` is the Melbourne Ska Orchestra`s own history – a nod to the past with an eye firmly on the future, dangerous and free.


Recorded at the ABC and Freeburgh studios in Melbourne, in the winter of 2015, `Sierra-Kilo-Alpha` throbs with hope, excitement and freshness.



1. Escher
2. Sans Humanite
3. Funkchunk!
4. Sly Boots
5. Bombay Detective
6. Nothing In The Well
7. Stay Low
8. Solitary Island Sway
9. Special Thing
10. Satellite
11. Vespa Ska