Nature/Nurture (Limited Edition Red Splatter LP)

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RELEASE DATE: 02/12/2020
Limited Edition Bottle Brush Clear / Red Splatter Vinyl!
With thousands of record sales under their belt and the world's biggest heavy music festivals in the experience section of their CV, it's no secret that Melbourne band Clowns have taken an Australian flag, set it aflame and are well and truly flying it flippantly the world over! Nature/Nurture was recorded through St Kilda's Hot House Studios world famous Neve 1073 EQ desk, the very same desk responsible for AC/DC's 1976 record Dirty Deeds among many, many more classic Australian hit records Nature/Nurture is undoubtedly Clowns spiciest record yet!

1. Bland Is The New Black
2. Soul For Sale
3. Freezing In The Sun
4. Nature
5. I Wanna Feel Again
6. I Shaved My Legs For You
7. 1:19
8. Prick
9. Prey For Us
10. May I Be Exhumed?
11. Nurture