The Very Best Of Slim Dusty (2LP)

Slim Dusty
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GENRE: Country
RELEASE DATE: 17/01/2020

Slim Dusty’s iconic Best Of album has remained in the ARIA Country album chart for over 1000 weeks since release. Now for the first time it is released on vinyl. Featuring Slim’s classic sons Looking Forward Looking Back, A Pub With No Beer, Lights on the Hill, The Biggest Disappointment, Duncan, and many more.


The 25 track double vinyl also includes Joy McKean’s personal reflections track-by-track on the album sleeves.

LP 1 - Side A
1. Looking Forward, Looking Back
2. A Pub with no Beer
3. The Lights on the Hill
4. The Biggest Disappointment
5. Three Rivers Hotel
6. Ringer From the Top End

LP 1 - Side B
1. Where Country Is
2. Leave Him in the Longyard
3. Plains of Peppimenarti
4. Duncan
5. Charleville
6. Indian Pacific

LP 2 - Side C
1. Sweeney (Live)
2. GDay, GDay
3. Walk a Country Mile
4. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July
5. Im Going back again to Yarrawonga
6. Old Time Country Halls
7. Camooweal

LP 2 - Side D
1. Weve Done Us Proud
2. Country Revival
3. Cunnamulla Fella
4. By a Fire of Gidgee Coal
5. Losin My Blues Tonight (Live)
6. Waltzing Matilda


1. Looking Forward, Looking Back

2. A Pub with no Beer

3. The Lights on the Hill

4. The Biggest Disappointment

5. Three Rivers Hotel

6. Ringer From the Top End



1. Where Country Is

2. Leave Him in the Longyard

3. Plains of Peppimenarti

4. Duncan

5. Charleville

6. Indian Pacific



1. Sweeney (Live)

2. G’Day, G’Day

3. Walk a Country Mile

4. When the Rain Tumbles Down in July

5. I’m Going back again to Yarrawonga

6. Old Time Country Halls

7. Camooweal



1. We’ve Done Us Proud

2. Country Revival

3. Cunnamulla Fella

4. By a Fire of Gidgee Coal

5. Losin’ My Blues Tonight (Live)

6. Waltzing Matilda