They Will Have Their Way – The Songs Of Tim & Neil Finn (Limited Edition Colour 2LP)

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RELEASE DATE: 07/08/2020

Limited Edition Colour 2LP Pop Up Gatefold (LP1 - Red, LP2 - Blue)

This is the first time the double album has been released on vinyl!

They Will Have Their Way - The Songs of Tim and Neil Finn’s exactly fifteen years since craig hawker and I hatched this idea and sculpted it into shape... to us it was obvious, here were two of the worlds best songwriters with twenty-five years of incredible songs to choose from... with some careful and considered curation from us, we believed we had a strong idea... i think dedicating it, initially, to female voices and naming the first album she will have her way was smart... it defined the album strongly and proudly... we got tim and neil’s blessing and then approached a range of female artists... the reaction was overwhelming... there was so much deep love and respect for these songs and for the finns generally... that love poured out of australian and new zealand studios and made a direct connection to our hearts.... some people in the company didn't believe in this idea, thinking it a typical tribute album... we knew we had fashioned something different, something very deep and moving, something visceral, powerful, haunting...something life-affirming... we’ve now sold well over 500,000 copies of she willhe will (the male counterpart - which delivered equal love and mercy) and they will have their way which goes to prove we were right... and of course, we were only right because of tim and neil's incredible songs and the heart and soul that these artists brought to the altar... all of this is without us ever releasing these amazing reinterpretations on vinyl... it’s fantastic to be able to remedy that now... john o'd




"I am very grateful to have had songs become part of the fabric of everyday life for a lot of people. By the same token, it is very flattering to have other artists record my songs - reinterpreting, finding new colours and dimensions, all part of a process by which the good songs live on, being sung by people. That's all I could hope for." Neil Finn


"When songwriters are asked to name a favourite song of theirs, they often fall back on the metaphor of songs as children, and declare themselves unable to single one out. Leaving aside the growing awareness over time that you definitely love some more than others, I'd like to extend the metaphor by suggesting that when a song is covered by another artist, it has finally grown up and left home. I'm told that you still worry about your child, and don't agree with how they present themselves to the world. But equally, you are delighted to step aside and watch them do it for themselves.  John O'Donnell loved these songs enough to want to carry them to new people. Thankfully a number of idiosyncratic artists came on board. I'm flattered and grateful. Some are radical reworkings, but I do those myself as I continue, with different line-ups, to explore the songs in live performance. These albums are full of great surprises." Tim Finn




Missy Higgins - Stuff And Nonsense

When I first heard ‘Stuff And Nonsense’ it was the juxtaposition between Tim’s simple, sweet melody and the dark honesty of the lyrics that made me want to hear it again. Somehow this song manages to be cruel and romantic at the same time. Tim and Neil Finn are storytellers, each in their own brilliant and fascinating way. I find them endlessly inspiring. Missy Higgins

Kasey Chambers - Better Be Home Soon

A few years ago at an EMI Conference I had the pleasure of performing one of my favourite songs with Neil Finn, ‘Better Be Home Soon’. For a young songwriter, it doesn’t get much more thrilling than that. This is just one of their many classic songs and it’s such a pleasure to be part of this album and honour two of the world's great singer/songwriters. Kasey Chambers

Holly Throsby – Not The Girl You Think You Are 

I remember listening to Crowded House when I was in primary school. My best friend lived across the street and we had a cassette we’d play at her house or in the car when our mothers would drive us places and we’d sing along. When I was in high school she put ‘Not The Girl You Think You Are’ on a mix tape for me because it was her new favourite. I think the chord progression is beautiful. I like the way it lifts up as the verses go on. I sing it differently from Neil Finn. But I sing it the way I hear it in my head. Holly Throsby

Sarah Blasko - Don’t Dream it’s Over

What was most fascinating about arranging ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ was the degree to which the song could be deconstructed - layers stripped back, harmonies removed, rhythms simplified - without threatening a thoroughly complete and engaging song. Both Neil and Tim Finn have built careers on the basis of great songs. The enduring nature of these songs and the integrity and longevity of their success is really inspiring. Sarah Blasko

Brooke Fraser - Distant Sun

Like any Kiwi growing up at any time in the last thirty years, the songs of the Finns contributed to the soundtrack to my childhood. When I listen to these songs now, the kid in me attaches memories to the melodies, while the songwriter in me throws her hands up in the air and wonders why she even bothers trying! When the opportunity to attempt to do justice to a Finn song presented itself, I was both humbled to be asked and worried that I’d inadvertently massacre a classic in spite of my good intentions. ‘Distant Sun’ is a great song and the one that immediately captured my interest as I was browsing the Finns’ immense catalogue from a re-recording point of view. It has wonderful mood and fantastic melody, and I felt it suited my voice and knew I’d enjoy playing and singing it in the studio (thatI did). It was put together in a couple days with David Skeet producing and a bunch of my good friends contributing musically... we had a lot of fun putting down this epic song, and hopefully that comes through in the recording! Brooke Fraser

Lisa Miller – I Hope I Never

It was the funny/sad line “I’m gonna move to a new town where the people are nice” which appealed to me most as I listened to the rapidly narrowing field of classic Finn songs available. ‘I Hope I Never’ - now here was a challenge! It’s a grandiose type of thing, but I think that was what made the whole thing so much fun. I forgot about the epic range and fell in love with the chorus refrain. Lisa Miller

Clare Bowditch - Fall At Your Feet

It must have been Countdown who first brought Split Enz into my living-room. There they stood, this gaggle of oddly dressed men, repeating something about spending six months in a leaky boat. The whole fractured thing got to me; I was an instant fan, albeit a frightened and little one. I would not have wanted to be in that boat, even though I liked the sound of it when they sang the words. It must have stuck with me, because I spent much of my first year at art-school trying to cast a perfect miniature bronze boat, one that would never ever leak, no matter what. Sadly, nor would it float. Solace was found in repeat listens of ‘Recurring Dream - The Very Best of Crowded House’. Worked a treat. Simply put, Finn songs get to me. I would have happily sung any one of them for this here compilation, yet ‘Fall at Your Feet’ stood out as a particularly masterful stream of naughtiness and pain and surrender, of tears raining and fingers blaming and feet being fallen upon. It stirs a kind of dark yet domestic yearning. I have no idea where this song takes place, only that it does so at night, that it is more ‘bedroom’ than ‘kitchen’, and that every time I hear it played on the radio, it quickly finds its way to my knees and my stomach. Clare Bowditch


Natalie Imbruglia – Pineapple Head

I’ve performed ‘Pineapple Head’ a few times now and I love it so much, I recorded it originally as a B side. The melody in the music is so inviting but it’s the emotional depth of the lyric that gives me everything I want from a song. Neil & Tim’s songs draw you into their world, their music reminds me of growing up in Australia, being in the sunshine and those early discoveries of love and what life is all about. There is an open heartedness and honesty in their work that I find really inspiring. Natalie Imbruglia

Little Birdy - Six Months in a Leaky Boat

The Finn brothers have been part of our musical life from a very early age. All our families have Split Enz and Crowded House records in their collections, and hence the music that we make has been influenced by these two amazing songwriters. We also had the chance to see these guys in concert last year, which was an inspiring experience. Simon probably got into Split Enz first out of all of us, his parents bought him a Split Enz poster for his 8th birthday. He didn’t know exactly what the poster was, he thought it was just a picture of some weird looking clowns, and didn’t realise that it was actually Split Enz. When he found out he listened to one of his parents albums and liked the music, he has now also developed an issue with clowns. That is why the weird circus like middle of ‘Six Months In A Leaky Boat’ was excluded in our version. Simon kept freakin’ out. Choosing a song to cover for this album was tough, not only because of Simon’s issues, but given that there are so many songs we wanted to put a Little Birdy spin on. We ended up agreeing on ‘Six Months In A Leaky Boat’ because it was one of the more quirky tracks, and lent itself to playing around with some different sounds in the studio. It is a great honour and privilege to have our version of this track included on this wonderful compilation. Thankyou Neil and Tim. Katy Steele

New Buffalo - Four Seasons In One Day

I chose ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ because I love the lyrics. As I was recording it I realised how beautifully sad and poetic this song is, and I myself often compare the chaotic changes of the weather and seasons with the emotional and physical state, so I could really relate to it. And I live in Melbourne, so I also experience the literal meaning of the song’s title! I think Tim and Neil Finn have written so many great songs, and they are usually these perfectly modest songs that grow on you with time. I have lots of memories where their songs are the soundtrack. Sally Seltmann

Renee Geyer - Into Temptation

Apart from the obvious great piece of music that it is, it is a deliciously disturbing lyric on a subject that is taboo in our society. There are very few writers in the world who can put into words a subject as deep and controversial as “forbidden love”... and make one sway and sing along to it as if celebrating someone’s birthday. That’s the genius of Neil Finn. Renee Geyer

Seeker Lover Keeper - Sinner

One thing that really inspires me about Tim and Neil Finn is the longevity of their careers. They just keep on producing amazing work! And I’m always really inspired by what they choose to write about. I love the sounds and production of Split Enz, the classic Crowded House songs, and their unique solo work. Sally Seltmann

The music of Split Enz and Crowded House was music I grew up with. In particular I
remember taping “I Hope I Never’, “Better Be Home Soon” and “Don’t Dream It’s Over” off the radio and now and then hearing stories of their success in the United States and feeling proud, like I was related somehow. I’ve always admired their humility and ability to capture feelings and emotions in songs in a way that everyone can understand... and with intelligence and integrity. ‘Sinner’ was a song I remember admiring and relating to, I guess it was my choice for Seeker Lover Keeper to cover this song. It felt like the first I had heard of Neil Finn for a while when I heard it on the radio. The smooth, familiar quality of his voice drewme as usual, but the subject matter seemed pretty different to other things I’d heard from him and I really understood what he was talking about. I grew up very religious and this feeling of always judging yourself as a “sinner” can be very crippling. It was liberating to hear the words “sinner, there is no such thing”. So simple, and such relief! Sarah Blasko

Boy & Bear - Fall At Your Feet

‘Fall At Your Feet’ would have to be my favourite Neil Finn song. I remember sitting at home watching the live simulcast of the Crowded House farewell concert at the Opera House and recording it on the good old VHS - the live version of ‘Fall At Your Feet’ really stuck with me; it is pop music at its pinnacle. The song just builds until it hits that line in the bridge, “the finger of blame has turned upon itself”; it’s a great moment and a great lyric. They nailed the high harmony live as well. When the opportunity came up to record one of Neil or Tim’s songs, it was the first track that came to my mind. It was a real pleasure for us to be able to sit down as a band and try and get inside the song. I just hope our version honours and complements the genius of the original. Dave Hosking, Boy & Bear

Paul Kelly & Angus Stone - Four Seasons In One Day

The first time I sang ‘Four Seasons In One Day’ was with Neil himself on a balmy September night during the 2000 Olympics. Sydney was a city of enchantment for that fortnight, under a spell of goodwill. The song floated out of our mouths to 80,000 euphoric people assembled in The Domain. The silence of 80,000 people is a huge silence. And then came the roar of 80,000 when we were done. Ten years later almost to the day, Angus and I sang the song at Platinum studios, in the very same room where it was recorded. Just a few people listening - my daughter, the engineer and his assistant, the drummer’s girlfriend – but I got the tingles again. Paul Kelly

Oh Mercy - I Feel Possessed

I was asked to be a part of this compilation while recording our second album in Los Angeles. I happened to be working with Mitchell Froom, the man responsible for producing so much of Crowded House’s music. After an unsuccessful attempt to write a spoken word piece over a loop of Paul Hester’s ‘One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four’ intro to ‘Everything Is Good For You’, Mitchell and I headed into his office to listen to the Recurring Dream album. I listened closely to Mitchell’s comments and insights into the recordings, his obvious admiration for the band was clear and really enjoyable to witness. Mostly I was awed by the fact he produced and played on the majority of songs on that record. Songs that are some of my earliest musical memories. Songs I still love; Crafted and delivered with care, passion and zeal. ‘I Feel Possessed’ was not my first choice to cover. That’s because it’s one of very few Crowded House songs that doesn’t pull me in instantly with it’s audio and arrangement satisfaction. I always observed it from a distance. For Mitchell that was all the more reason to delve into the song and retrieve the parts of the Crowded House musical vocabulary that i know and love and then simplify it (which has become part of the ‘Oh Mercy Sound’ purely because I can’t play the guitar very well. Suits me fine). Not surprisingly, after working on the song all those barriers between ‘I Feel Possessed’ and my satisfaction have been buried. I listen to the song that I have known for the majority of my life with new ears. It’s a great honour to be included on this compilation amongst some of my favourite Australian songwriters, listening to their takes on the songs of one of my all time favourite bands. Alexander Gow, Oh Mercy

Chris Cheney - Distant Sun

In 1980, I was five years old and Split Enz’s ‘I Got You’ was everywhere. It’s one of the first songs I ever heard as a kid. I hadn’t yet realised that music would be my religion but that song stood out. I didn’t know who it was but I felt what it was saying, even as a five or six year old. ‘Distant Sun’ is one of my favourite Neil Finn songs and it’s as close to a perfect pop song as you can get. Covering a song can be a tricky beast, particularly when it was done right the first time. I was hesitant, wondering “what can I add that isn’t already there. Why bother?”... And to mess with a Neil Finn song is to tread on sacred ground. At the suggestion of John O’Donnell, rather than adding or enhancing, I went the other way and stripped it to the bone. The best songs are the ones that can be played or heard naked and in this case it sounded right with nothing more than just vocal and guitar, with some trumpet at the end. Neil and Tim write the kind of songs that just sound like they arrived fully formed, no questions, one stream of consciousness. I’m sure it’s not that easy but it sounds like it is. If only for my benefit, I’d like to think that they wrestle with ideas as much as the rest of us do. Either way, they are masters of their craft. I could rave on about their wonderful chord changes, inspired lyrics and classy arrangements blah, blah, blah, but that’s not important. Essentially all that matters is how a song makes you feel and when I hear one of their songs, I feel like everything’s okay. Chris Cheney

Jimmy Barnes - Message To My Girl

Neil and Tim Finn are both singers and songwriters that I greatly admire. More importantly they are good friends of mine. I have spent Christmas and many other happy occasions with them and I know that music is a way of life for these guys and their families. I was honoured to get the chance to record this song as my little tribute to an amazing musical family. Jimmy Barnes

The Break With Dan Sultan – Shark Attack

Shark Attack is a timely tune for The Break. After all, The Man in the Grey Suit is in the news again: a feeding frenzy off Noosa; a fatal mauling at Margaret River. Sharks swim in the darkest corners of a surfer’s mind. Out the back, alone on a cool misty morning, it can be a serious battle of nerves. Split Enz captured that fear, the mayhem and the heartache – and recorded this classic flat-out set-opener. We threw down some tortured guitars and pounding surf-drums ’n’ bass, and added some grunt and grandeur. It helped no end when Dan Sultan belted out a killer vocal. Thanks Enz for the wild ride. Rob Hirst
Shark Attack is an obvious title choice for our new surf band, The Break. It also kicks off True Colours so well. It’s one of their lesser known songs... well, compared to all of the hits. The Enz had hits, but the band wasn’t really about that. I think they were so much a product of NZ, where so many wildly imaginative art rock/pop bands reign, where a young man’s dreams were coddled in a ferment of hogget, Beatles albums, Morris 1100’s and the Maori culture. Split Enz were so orchestral, funny and willfully creative. I saw them on Manly beach as a teenager, and couldn’t believe how good they were. There was nothing in 1976 pub rock Oz to compare them to. The Oils’ had some great gigs with the Enz and Neil and Tim over the years, and love them, and their joyous and heartbreaking music in all of its forms, today and then. Jim Moginie

Lior & Emma-Louise - It’s Only Natural
I’ve always loved the colour and depth in the lyrics of the Finn brothers. Even in a seemingly breezy song like ‘It’s Only Natural’, if you look deeper into the song, you find there is a fantastic lyric and sentiment. I thought a stripped-back version with a stronger focus on the lyric and vocal delivery would really bring this out. Lior

Busby Marou - Better Be Home Soon

The Finn Brothers are at the top of our list of song writing influences. I first took up the guitar so I could learn to sing and play ‘Better Be Home Soon’ so to say that it is honour to be part of this album and record our own version of this song is a massive understatement! Tom Busby, Busby Marou

Paul Dempsey – Addicted

I was stunned by this song the first time I ever heard it. First there is the suggestion made by the song’s title (it almost requires a question mark)... And then you find yourself lulled and swayed by the slow, gentle rhythm and the sweet repetition of the melodies, the atmospheric sounds... the words come through like a dream sequence, random scenes, like someone drifting in and out of consciousness... And then the chorus comes, bringing everything sharply and suddenly into focus with an uneasy promise - ‘I was addicted to the drug, but now I know when I’ve had enough’.... It’s a very powerful song. Full of sadness and beauty, darkness and hope all at the same time. Paul Dempsey

Darren Hayes - Not even Close

I’ve grown up with the music of the Finn brothers being the soundtrack to my life, whether I was aware of it or not. Hearing their music always reminds me of home. When I decided to tackle Tim’s incredible ‘Not Even Close’ I was, of course, daunted. How do you face off against such a great song and do it justice? The truth is I didn’t have to. The song wrapped itself around me in my tiny London recording studio and I found myself singing the words as though I’d written them myself. The instant I put down the harmonies I felt as though I was a Finn brother. There is something in the DNA of the songwriting - perhaps the intervals between the notes - that is instantly recognisably ‘Finn’. And I was immediately homesick. It’s a tremendous, layered and heavy monster of a song and I’m honoured to have been given the rare treat of recording my own tribute. Darren Hayes

Perry Keyes - Poor Boy

I always felt drawn to a certain edginess that seemed to exist inside a lot of their songs that got played on the radio when I was growing up. ‘One Step Ahead’, ‘I Got You’, ‘I See Red’, ‘My Mistake’... I kind of saw that too in ‘Poor Boy’ and went looking for it – that dark part of the song. I always thought that it was cool that something that looked and sounded as strange as Split Enz broke through onto mainstream radio, a little oasis of songs among the endless mediocrity of FM radio in the 80s. Perry Keyes

Philadelphia Grand Jury - I Got You

Being a living human being in the world has meant that I have heard a lot of the Finn brothers’ music over the years. This wasn’t really my choice, but what can I say? The guys just have a knack for songs. Anyone who has ever tried to write a song will tell you that you spend most of your time thinking about how very simple the concept of a good song is, while simultaneously wondering why it’s so damn hard to write one. If only Neil and Tim Finn would let us know the secret. Berkfinger, Philadelphia Grand Jury

Side A

1. Missy Higgins – Stuff & Nonsense

2. Kasey Chambers – Better Be Home Soon

3. Holly Throsby – Not The Girl You Think You Are

4. Sarah Blasko – Don’t Dream It’s Over

5. Brooke Fraser – Distant Sun

6. Lisa Miler – I Hope I Neber


Side B

1. Clare Bowditch – Fall At Your Feet

2. Natalie Imbruglia – Pineapple Head

3. Little Birdy – Six Months In A Leaky Boat

4. New Buffalo – Four Seasons In One Day

5. Renee Geyer – into Temptation

6. Seeker Lover Keeper – Sinner

Side C

1. Boy & Bear – Fall At Your Feet

2. Paul Kelly & Angus Stone – Four Season In One Day

3. Oh Mercy – I Feel Possessed

4. Chris Cheney – Distant Sun

5. Jimmy Barnes – Message To My Girl

6. The Break With Dan Sultan – Shark Attack


Side D

1. Lior & Emma Louise – It’s Only Natural

2. Busby Marou – Better Be Home Soon

3. Paul Dempsey – Addicted

4. Darren Hayes – Not Even Close

5. Perry Keyes – Poor Boy

6. Philadelphia Grand Jury – I Got You