Breakfast For Pathetics (LP)

Tired Lion
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RELEASE DATE: 20/11/2020

‘Breakfast For Pathetics’ is the second album from Tired Lion, featuring singles ‘Waterbed’ and ‘Lie To Me’.


Recorded over the previous 12 months at The Grove Studios with Luke Boerdam (Violent Soho) and with mixing by Scott Horscroft (DMA’s, The Presets), frontwoman Sophie Hopes cites album influences like Arches of Loaf, Urusei Yatsura, Duster, Pixies and Pavement.

  1. Diet Sick
  2. Waterbed
  3. Lie To Me
  4. ~Cya Later~
  5. Don’t Take Me Back
  6. Breakfast For Pathetics
  7. Drama Club
  8. Wooky Hole
  9. Actuality
  10. Screw You, Man.