Mother (Lp)

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RELEASE DATE: 24/05/2020

There are two-man bands. There are power duos. And then there is Xylouris White, the ruggedly visionary collaboration of Giorgos Xylouris, who plays the Cretan lute, and drummer Jim White, of legendary Australian avant-rock trio The Dirty Three. 

Released January 19
th, ’Mother’ sees the ARIA Award-nominated duo team up for the third time, following on from the internationally acclaimed albums ‘Black Peak’ (2016) and ‘Ghosts’ (2014).


A passion for exploration comes naturally to Xylouris White. Across Mother’s nine tracks, they nurture fecund growths from the spaces between their instruments. Sometimes the songs drive with an invigorating urgency; sometimes they brood, plead, yearn and lull. The duo seem to discover each other anew at every turn, teasing the songs out from their fluid chemistry with the kind of virtuosity that knows when to listen, accommodate and learn afresh.

Produced by long-time collaborator Guy Piccioto (Fugazi), the album has been named to denote `new life’. As Xylouris says, “’Mother’ is the extension of ’Ghosts’ and ’Black Peak’. Three things, all part of a whole. Goats are mothers, Zeus was raised on Amaltheia`s milk, Black Peak is Mother`s Earth... Mother Earth is the mother of everything.“ Themes of simplicity and child-like innocence runs through the album. 

Track Listing:

1.In Media Res

2.Only Love

3.Motorcycle Kondilies

4.Spud’s Garden


6.Achilles Heel

7.Woman From Anogeia

8.Call and Response